5 Eco-Friendly Ways To Recycle Your Christmas Tree.

Today is the Twelfth Night, festivities are sadly over and Christmas trees and decorations must now be taken down and packed away until December.

If you had a cut, real Christmas tree this year here are five eco-friendly ideas for recycling them.


  1. Cut off the branches and use the trunk to make a wildlife log pile
  2. Use the branches to protect tender plants from frost and snow. Place the branches over plants or sleeping perennials to help keep the soil warm.
  3. Search the internet for recycling schemes in your area. There are plenty around this year including special schemes such as the one in Formby, UK where Christmas trees are being recycled and used to protect the sand dunes. See here for more details
  4. Move the tree outside and use it during the winter months as a bird feeding station. Smear the branches with suet or peanut butter and hang feeders from the branches. Garden birds will happily perch on the bare branches!
  5. If you have a wood chipping machine, create wood chips that can be used around the garden as mulch.

If you recycle your Christmas tree in other ways, I’d love to know, please do leave your comments in the box below

A bientôt

Katherine x



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