Le Jardin Perdu American Land Cress

American Land Cress

I love the fiery flavour of watercress but it’s not the easiest of plants to grow owing to its need for constant water, so when my mum telephoned me earlier this year asking if I fancied trying out some American land cress seeds she’d picked up, I jumped at the chance.

The American land cress was extremely easy to grow from seed and was ready to eat about eight weeks after sowing. Seeds should be thinly sown 13mm deep, in rows 15cm apart and thinned once seedlings are large enough to handle. American land cress does best in cool, moist semi-shade, but I’ve had no problem growing it in my hot, sunny vegetable garden; just keep the plants well watered.

Le Jardin Perdu American Land Cress

Like watercress, American land cress is rich in vitamins, iron and calcium, and I have found it to be a superb, easy to grow substitute. It is best to harvest leaves whilst they are fresh and young.

Seeds should be sown in April for summer use and August for winter use. Being hardy it can usually survive tough winters if given protection. I plan to try some in my greenhouse border later this year so I will let you know how well it is growing nearer to Christmas (eek did I really mention Christmas?!)

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