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jardin-perdu / Celebrating my First Anniversary
wildflower gift pack

Le Jardin Perdu Gift Shop One Year On

One year ago today I launched the Le Jardin Perdu gift shop. I can not believe how quickly that year has passed, nor how well my plantable cards and gardening and wildlife gifts have been received.

I thank you all for believing in what I am trying to do with my gifts and cards. By purchasing my gifts you are not only supporting my small business, but those of artisans around France, who all lovingly hand make their produce, organically and naturally.

Since last year, new gifts such as my Le Petit Panier: Le Jardinier, Gardener’s Gift Basket have been added to the store. This contains a wonderful lavender and rose hand cream, made for me by Katrina in the Charente. As with my soaps, bath bombs and bath crystals, all the ingredients she uses are organic, natural and have not been tested on animals. The scent of the hand cream is fabulous, and I can certainly vouch for it doing an amazing job at keeping your hands soft and nourished after a day in the garden!

Petit panier - Le Jardinier, Gardeners Gift Basket

It’s not only these talented artisans that I am trying to support with my gifts and cards, but also our wildlife.

With most gifts you buy the tags, soap wraps, description cards and shredded paper lining the baskets would all end up in the dustbin, adding to landfill sites. With my gifts however, all these items are made from plantable wildflower seed paper: a recycled paper made from post consumer waste and embedded with wildflower seeds. They can all be planted in the garden and will grow into wildflowers for our butterflies, bees and other pollinators to enjoy; they are a unique gift that keep on giving.

During this last year I have also been able to expand my range of plantable wildflower seed paper cards. Following my investment in a rather swanky printer, I can now design and print my own cards on this special paper. It’s given me the flexibility to create personalised cards, which can now have your message printed inside and I’ll send it direct to the recipient for you. I have to admit that I also love dreaming up the design ideas for the cards, though I suspect that my husband may not be quite so endeared as he’s the one who actually does the technical creation for me!

So what’s on the horizon for the second year? More gifts will be added to my store in the next couple of months including a lovely range of handmade tools. In October I will be adding a range of (dare I say it when we’re only in July?) Christmas cards and Christmas gift tags. I will also be looking to offer a full wedding and party service; plantable wildflower invitations and favours. That in itself is a whole minefield, and a challenge which will keep me busy!

If anyone has any special gift or card requests I’m more than happy to help out, you can contact me on katherine@jardin-perdu.com.

To celebrate this first anniversary of the Le Jardin Perdu gift site, and to say a special thank you to those of you who read my blog, or support me on Facebook or Twitter I have created a special discount code. At check out use code HAPPYBIRTHDAY1 and a 10% discount will be applied to your order. The discount is valid until midnight on Sunday 3rd July 2016.

Once again a huge THANK YOU for your support, I truly am overwhelmed by it.

A bientôt
Katherine x









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  1. July 1, 2016 @ 2:29 pm Sheila Wyner

    Well done Katherine you should be proud of everything you do
    I am proud of you xx


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