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jardin-perdu / Le Jardin Perdu Five Years On: A Garden Review
Le Jardin Perdu

Le Jardin Perdu Five Years On: Garden Review

Five years ago today I published my first blog as Le Jardin Perdu. My very first post was called “The Beginning” and in it I set out the plans for my French garden and invited you to join me on my adventure.

I can not believe that five years have passed with such speed nor that writing my little blog has led to many fabulous things. What started out as a blog about the creation of my French garden, “Le Jardin Perdu” has grown to include blogs about the wildlife and wildflowers I see, has given me the amazing opportunity to write several articles for Living France Magazine and has developed into a business that sells plantable wildflower greeting cards, gardening gifts and wildlife habitats.

Five years on I thought it would be fun to revisit that initial blog and show you some of the progress that has been made in my garden “Le Jardin Perdu”. These were some of my plans back in “The beginning” and how these areas of my garden are now looking.

Plan: Create two borders in front of the barn to break up the expanse of grass.



The barn garden



Le Jardin Perdu - Barn garden


Plan: Create a hot border in front of la porcherie.


The hot border


Le Jardin Perdu Hot Border

Plan: The water garden – Create borders around our petite source


Water garden


Le Jardin Perdu - Stream border


My garden is a long way from being finished; plans change, ideas develop, plants get moved! I still plan to create a wildflower area and the vegetable plot which for the past five years has been our front garden is being moved this year so that I can create a formal garden.

Just last weekend we started work on a truly “lost” area of the garden that is currently nothing more than a scrubby bank full of brambles, discarded paint pots and a car! My plan is to make this area into a large border with the car as a central feature. Below that will be a series of terraces that will lead down to the field.


Old car before

Two days on!

Old car cleared


What we moved!

Metal cleared


Gardening in France can certainly be a challenge. The tasks here are always mammoth, but when we moved in there was no garden, just large areas of neglected land. I’m very lucky to have the support and help of my husband Paul in my great gardening adventure, though I suspect he now dreads me getting my spade out!

I’d like to say a huge thank you, to you, my readers, for all your support over these last five years, without it Le Jardin Perdu wouldn’t be where it is today. I look forward to our continuing journey together, and to another garden review in five years time!

You can read my full first blog “The Beginning” here.

As always, I love hearing about your thoughts and own gardening experiences, please do leave your comments in the box below.

A bientôt

Katherine x







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  1. May 25, 2018 @ 9:34 am CARRE Gilles

    You made a hard work to create that lovely garden from a sad and abandoned place. Well done! Personally I have been keen of flowering garden for a very long time. I own many fruit trees and ornemental shrubs and an enormous quantity of various species of flowers. I would like to share my experiments and my knowledge if possible. Also, carrying on learning news things, discovering new species,etc…
    To start : do you know Aristotelia chiliensis variegata ? I have one on m’y garden : splendid shrub ! Is there a person that possess that shrub among your readers ? I would like to share his/her point of vies, please.


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