Vinca minor, Lesser Periwinkle, Pervenche

Lesser Periwinkle (Vinca minor). French name: Pervenche.

Wildflowers are just starting to unfurl from their winter slumber and one of the first ones I’ve spotted along the country lanes here in France this year is Vinca minor.

Vinca minor, Lesser Periwinkle, Pervenche

Dark green, glossy, oval leaves can be seen creeping along the ground, banks, under hedges and trees forming a dense carpet. From early spring to late autumn bright blue, star-like flowers speckle this lush foliage.

Vinca minor, Lesser Periwinkle, Pervenche

Vinca minor can be found throughout France and is very hardy, growing in just about any situation including deep shade. The species Vinca major can also be found throughout France, this has broader, hairier leaves than Vinca minor.

Keep an eye out for Vinca minor now, it’s a welcome splash of colour amidst the still winter scorched French countryside.

A bientôt

Katherine x

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