Plants for pollinators Ceanothus

Plants for Pollinators: Ceanothus

French name: Le Céanothe

Bees and other pollinators adore the tiny clusters of blue flowers that bedeck Ceanothus during the summer months.

Ceanothus can be either deciduous (à feuillage caduc)  or evergreen (persistant), so be careful to check the label before buying to make sure you have the type you want. Ceanothus are mainly blue flowering but pink and white varieties are also available.

Plants for pollinators Ceanothus

Although a hardy shrub, it’s best to plant Ceanothus in a sheltered position, avoiding exposed and frost prone positions. They prefer full sun, and well-drained, fertile soil. As a word of warning some can grow quite vigorously, but a light trim after flowering will keep them in check!

Our Ceanothus is called ‘Skylark’, an evergreen variety that produces blue flowers from June into July. For the past two weeks it has certainly been full of lots of weird and wonderful bees and other buzzy insects!

Plants for pollinators ceanothus


Plants for Pollinators: Ceanothus, Le Céanothe


Plants for Pollinators: Ceanothus, Le Céanothe

Without a doubt, a Ceanothus shrub would make an invaluable addition to your wildlife garden.

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