Scarce copper butterfly

Scarce Copper (Heodes virgaureae)

This gorgeous bright orange/copper coloured butterfly was photographed in late July near to our house (19170). The Scarce Copper is common throughout Europe but is not found in Northern France, so if anyone in the North of France spots one, let me know!

Scarce copper butterfly

This photograph is of a male Scarce Copper butterfly, the females being paler in colour with large black spots. The Scarce Copper prefers flowery meadows and forest clearings, especially those situated near to streams, and will be seen at heights upto about 2000m.

The caterpillar is green with a few whitish spots and is normally attended by ants.

They fly in mid summer so keep your eyes open for them now!

A bientôt

Katherine x

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  1. August 1, 2012 @ 9:50 am Jane @ EarthAppleJane

    He is a little beauty and so lovely on the blue flower. A real picture:)


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