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Le Jardin Perdu: The beginning

We have now lived in France for just shy of 2 years and as many of you, have spent much of that time renovating our house. Although a long way from finished, it’s time that I forged ahead with my true passion – the garden.

With no disrespect meant to the French, they devote little energy to their gardens, treating them in the main as just vegetable plots, with the odd hortensia and gaudy marigold or geranium dotted around for colour. They love their apéros, but sit on nothing more than white plastic furniture (or if you’re really lucky – the green version).

But each to their own, and I can not complain, as this distinct lack of garden flair, has given me the perfect challenge – a blank canvass.

I have grand plans for both the front and back gardens. Will these plans be too grand? Knowing me, probably yes, but at least I’ll have a lot of fun trying to do it all!

Where possible I want to use organic products and “lost” techniques and will provide a diary here of everything we do which I hope you’ll find informative and inspire you to bring a little more pazazz to your garden.

This Years Plans

Front garden

The barn garden

Create two borders in front of the barn to break up the expanse of grass.

The vegetable garden

As last year, the vegetable plot needs to stay in the walled front garden, to protect it from the wildlife until we have the opportunity to create a patch at the top of our field.  Plans this year however are to incorporate companion plants and bee attracting flowers with the vegetables – to create a vegetable garden.

Back garden

Create a hot border in front of la porcherie.

The water garden – Create borders around our petite source

The “bog” garden – Create borders to disguise the fosse (or in our case our mini waste water treatment plant!)

Plant a wildflower area. It would be lovely to create a wildflower area to either side of La Source, but my concerns lie with tackling the rough grass which is currently there, as this could overpower the flower seedlings and lead to nothing but hard work!

Well those are just some of the plans, and along with the likes of creating compost bins, I know I have my work cut out this year! Still, I can’t wait to enjoy the results in Summer, sat outside with a glass or two of wine. I hope you’ll join me.

Please feel free to leave comments, tips and share your experiences at any time, I look forward to gardening with you.

A bientôt x

'Le Jardin Perdu: The beginning' have 3 comments

  1. March 26, 2012 @ 8:59 pm Sarah Beattie

    What a project! I look forward to seeing your progress. How is your soil? Down here in the Gers it’s pretty much solid clay. The garden I got with our house had the typical randomly placed shrubs, lawn (rough grass pock-marked with mole hills and creature holes) and a few trees. I am trying to create a coherent garden from that but it’s hard work making beds. I made raised beds for the potager and now have four to veg and one large one to soft fruit.
    Have you thought of borrowing a couple of pigs to clear your wildflower meadow area? They could make a huge difference in a short time.
    I made compost bins from old pallets but will be investing 10 euros for a large recycled black plastic one from the Conseil General. It’s an amazing deal – maybe your department is also offering them. It’s dealt with by the Trigone here.
    Best wishes for all your plans!


    • March 28, 2012 @ 5:39 pm admin

      Hi Sarah

      Although a bit rocky the soil here is actually quite good – certainly no problem with drainage! With the size of gardens you get here in France they are always a challenge and a lot of hard work – but worth all the effort.

      Borrowing a couple of pigs would be a great idea, as they go through everything, only problem is I wouldn’t want to give them back!

      Fantastic information about the compost bins for 10 euros – I certainly will be looking to see if there is a similar scheme here in La Correze.

      Hope you pop by again to share your thoughts

      Kind regards

      Katherine x


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