The Trials and Tribulations of gardening in France

My husband Paul, our 3 cats and I sold our house in the UK and moved to the département of La Corrèze, France in 2010.
This blog is the tale of how I’m gradually transforming my patch of French weeds into a garden whilst experiencing all the extremes that the French countryside can throw at you. From the searing heat of a 40c summer to the freezing -20c temperatures of a snowy winter; from the pleasure afforded by the abundance of wildflowers and wildlife to the despair caused by the wild boar wreaking havoc in the garden in their autumnal search for grubs.
These are my trials and tribulations of gardening in France, and I hope that you’ll share your experiences too!
Katherine x

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  1. September 23, 2014 @ 8:47 am Mick Moat

    Gardening here is not the same as gardening in most parts of the UK. One of the main differences is the quite distinct four seasons. As Katherine explains above, the transition from 40c to -20c is a big challenge for many plants but that is only part of the story. Many plants will survive a short sharp shock of -20c but the really cold winter a couple of years ago witnessed these temperatures over a 2/3 week spell and it was the length of the cold spell that caused havoc. Having said that, the really cold days of winter with clear blue skies are some of the loveliest days of the year.


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